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Hey everybody. We’ve had a bumpier start than we expected, but some really great ideas and changes have come from it. Getting Kickstarted was amazing for us, but it’s been a lot harder than we expected to actually get access to the funds. They’ve finally come through,  however, we learned that our sprite artist would not be able to finish the project with us. That was a pretty tough blow, but we are grateful it came now and not after we’d sunk more funds into sprite assets and had to start over. Once we knew that we needed a new sprite artist, we got to work finding somebody whose art style put off the same, warm vibe as did the original set of sprites.

We found Kanin and spent a good amount of time vetting her for the project. Here’s some of her work:

If you would like to see more of her art look here

The art style is obviously going to be different with a new artist, but we think it gives the same vibe as the original, and we are really excited to welcome her to the team. This will not affect the final release time but the demo has been pushed back to a later date to be decided.

[Please take notice all current artwork is being redrawn and replaced including the Cgs and artwork featured on Kickstarter/Patreon]

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