Shipping update for NOBY

Hey everyone, Sorry for the long absence, I've had alot of personal problems ever since I started college. It slowed my progress on all my projects and I apologize for that. But on a much better note, with the help…

More news on Warped Reality

Hey everyone, here are some things we are going off to help make Warped reality a better game! Just play simple games and earn bitcoins every hour. Earning digital currency like bitcoin is not easy, but trading cryptocurrency with brokers like Crypto Bank is simpler. Check out crypto Deutsche bank for more details about crypto trading. If the Greenlight shows enough potential we will have a Kickstarter where you can preorder the game and we can try and…

Warped Reality!

  Our newest title Warped Reality is an engaging cyber punk thriller that follows Kazu as he tries to solve the mystery of the machine he made and save the girl he loves. Check it out on Steam Greenlight! The game has already become popular among the gamblers. If you are interested in earning bitcoins through gambling, you can check bitcoin casinos that support bitcoin in the online gambling sites.  

We are back up!

We are just putting up a post stating we are back up and running! I have important plans to finish all that I have started and to produce more! Please stay tuned for more updates in the future!