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Thank you Koro

I needed to do a blog post on one of my best friends and best employees. He has been here for me since I starter No One But You around March last year.

His name Is Koro to me and Zetsubou to all of you.

Around when i first started NOBY i had no one to help me. I had no money to hire programmers or writers or any help at all. That was when good koro came to save the day. I was browsing the lemma forums as usual, trying to find help. And then i see a post by Koro stating he would help out with programming when needed. He has serious talent so i was curious to see if he would help me and when i asked him he was very willing to help.

It warmed me up and motivated me even more to work hard on NOBY.

Now he is a permanent employee of Unwonted Studios(my perma slave). And we make awesome games together! He even let Unwonted publish his game Sickness!! I was so honored to get the chance to publish his game. We have made around 3 games now and i couldn't be happier!

But my main reason for this post today is to thank one of the best employees i have.

You are a great friend Koro!!

If you want to check out his game Sickness click the link below: